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Change Log (current version: 0.4)

Version 0.4

Url update with

Version 0.3

Registry update

  • Add mode applications
  • Fix javascript on embed.html page

Version 0.2

Improvment for HTTPS support

  • Modify some url schemes and hosts and provide voar-0.2.js
  • Accept multiple parameters to get all matched elements

Version 0.1

First release presented at Interop - Madrid May 2014

  • Provides a basic API mode as a jQuery plugin
  • Fix API bug when json returns only one application
  • TODO:
    • Provide a flag to use beta jnlps ? ... or leave this fonction to AppLauncher?
    • Improve handling of non jnlp application
    • Use icon_url hosted by JMMC for applications without web url
    • Provide a more sophisticated code hidden behind a simple button that lists compatible applications, send a samp message if user clicked after starting the samp machinery if not yet ready.
  • Display interactively (mouse over) the application details on the application list of the home page.